Hey there! I’m Aa'YOU’sh

Yes, at one point of time I was literally ‘YOU’ staying away from home and a victim to unhealthy food

And wherever I looked, there were only bad choices

Even my friends suffered the same fate!

Thus my necessity became the mother of invention

My dream was to get good homely food

But at a price within my budget

That strikes the right balance of health & taste

And more importantly, good food that is just a click away

With over 48 years of experience in the hospitality industry, we set about to achieve this target

And that’s the story of how Just Tiffin's was born

Affordable Pricing

Aiming to serve tasty food affordable price at just starting from Rs.70

Fresh & Tasty Food

Good food cooked with fresh vegetables procured on daily basis. We ensure that the food you eat is neither too spicy nor too oily, but tasty.

Disposable Containers

Your food is packed and sealed using food grade plastic. Our high quality plastic tray can also be used for heating your food in Microwave.

No preservatives/ artificial colors

We do not use preserved ingredients, cream or artificial colors. Food cooked at Just Tiffin's is just like the way food is cooked at home.

Dynamic menu

We offer different Combos each day and add an array of dishes and recipes on a monthly basis to diversify our menu. All this is in addition to our 6-Day menu. So you never get bored.

Social resposibility

We contribute Rs.2/meal to an orphanage to ensure they receive at least one good meal every day.

We have been serving in hospitality industry for almost 48 years through our parent company "Punjab House" Restaurant at Broadway, Cochin. Punjab House has pioneered in serving authentic Punjabi vegetarian food in the city since 1968;we have been serving signature dishes and drinks like Aloo Parathas and our very own special Lassies.

Timings- Monday to Saturday
Lunch: 12 PM - 3 PM
Dinner: 7 PM - 10 PM

Small tiffin

SMALL TIFFIN- RICE: Rice + 1 Gravy + Salad (70/-)
SMALL TIFFIN- ROTI: 4 Roti + 1 Gravy/Dry + Salad (80/-)
SMALL TIFFIN- ROTI SPL: 4 Roti + 1 Spl Gravy/Dry + Salad (90/-)

Regular Tiffin

REGULAR TIFFIN: 2 Roti + Rice + 1 Gravy + 1 Dry + Salad + Pickle (100/-)
REGULAR TIFFIN SPL: 2 Roti + Rice +1 Spl Gravy + 1 Dry + Salad + Pickle/ Raita (130/-)

Big Tiffin

BIG TIFFIN: 2(Roti/ Paratha) + Rice + 2 Spl Gravy + 1 Dry + Raita + Salad (150/-)


Roti (5/-)
Wheat Paratha (15/-)
Aloo Paratha (30/-)


Raita (25/-)
Extra serving (30/-)
Extra serving spl (40/-)


Paneer/ Kofta/ Palak Items


DRINK 1: Salt Lassi (25/-)
DRINK 2: Sweet Lassi (35/-)

* Takeaway charges (10/-)


info@justtiffins.in +91 9544541594